When Donald name he Cabinet dem boys was surprise when dem see Rob-Bert get move from wheh all de money deh. He now deh in a corner.Dem boys seh that Bar Rat beg Donald fuh keep dem boy in a good position suh that he could be de new President just in case something happen to Donald. That is why Donald create a new Ministry fuh he.Rob Bert got to monitor de environment. He got to walk round and check wid people how much smoke dem mek today; how hard de win blowing,[url=http://**.cheapnflclassicjerseys**/]Cheap Jerseys Online[/url], how much Smell-o-Pine dem have to buy to control de smell from de garbage in GT; how much garbage dem collectors pick up fuh de dumpsite and how much it weigh.Right away dem boys know was a big wuk because when dem watch he at de swearing in he head lean pun one side like if de whole world deh pun he head top. He try fuh mek he eye mek four wid Donald but this big man ain’t deh pun stupidness. Rob Bert got fuh try wid he new wuk.Shaik ain’t got no wuk. He was a man who use to park he Prado outside dem meeting and dem function and lef on de engine and de air condition. He tell people how he can’t stand de heat.Well Donald chase he out de kitchen. He deh home and he tunning off lights because he got to pay de light bill.Manzoor knock off Peter Persaud and tek back TUF because he don’t have no Ministry. He back in Parliament but dem boys want fuh know wha he gun do when Parliament not sitting.Ramson ain’t got a problem. He tek up he seat at Flat Shop at Eccles wid he quarter bottle.Times change. Bar Rat did put he mouth pun everything. He build up Rob Bert and Irfaat. He mek dem think dem is de next president and prime minister. He gone and dem two ain’t got laang.Talk half. Lef half.